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Our business bloomed from the love of mosaic arts that fills the storefronts of Istanbul. After many years of operating a store in Kapali Carsi Istanbul, we decided to share these exquisite treasures with the rest of the world. We expanded our business from a local store to become a certified wholesaler of Turkish lamps and currently supply our products to 12 countries.


Importing directly from the origin country can be costly, specially for small businesses that don’t have the capital to take advantage of the economy of scale. We guarantee the lowest cost of goods.


We guarantee the quality, cost and shipment of our items. There will be no shipment delays because of customs. We inspect each shipment to ensure there are no missing parts, and replace any broken item after delivery.


We deal with customs so you don’t have to. Our items will be shipped from Virginia, U.S.A so you save on customs fees and processing times.


We are flexible to work with businesses of any size, that’s why we have a very low minimum order amount (instock items) and if you want something unique we can build it for you.

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